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The Samaritan benefited enormously from scores of talented people who guided me through the writing process and beyond. What initially began as a solitary endeavor quickly evolved into a team effort.

Special thanks to Harrison Demchick, a gifted editor and extraordinarily patient gentleman, who not only did most of the heavy editorial lifting but taught me to be a better writer. Vicki Rohl and Adam Marsh, who routinely dropped everything in their lives to read, review and fix another updated manuscript. Jim Lalley, Geri Moog, Peggy Quinn, Rick Ohler, Barbara Dolan, Stephen Hurtubise, George Nedeff, John Maloney, Joe and Georgette Plukas, and Amy Kimmel for reading early drafts and offering assistance, insight and much needed direction. Thank you to Bill Thompson, past Doubleday editor, for his wisdom, continuous support, encouragement and friendship.

Retired Congressman Jack Quinn for his view of the DEA and the United States intelligence agencies; Attorney Anthony DiFilippo IV; Michael Bastine and Mad Bear for their insight into Native American heritage, specifically the Seneca Nation of Indians; Bob McCarthy, columnist for the Buffalo News; Earl “Bud” Besecker, retired parole board member at the Attica Correctional Facility; Arthur “Deke” Buchanan, retired U.S. Navy, for his view of the military in general and the CIA in particular; Euell Tritt for his expertise on weapons; Richard Plukas for clarifying the United States Constitution, and the wonderful employees at the Orchard Park library and East Aurora library. Mark Palascak, Carol Jason Nigrelli and Judy Loesch Holden for marketing/promotion advice. Orchard Park Policeman Patrick McLaughlin; Samantha Newland, Michelle Zurowski, Pete Viger, Doug Ford, Kateri Ewing, and Kevin Besecker for their technical support. To Bruce Bortz, who put everything together at Bancroft Press.

Finally, to the International Thriller Writer’s Association, ASJA, and their community of supportive writers, along with best selling authors James Rollins, Andrew Gross, Brian Haig, Joseph Finder, Gregg Hurwitz, Brad Meltzer, Harlan Coben, James Grippando, and Brad Parks for sharing their writing and life experiences.

Posted Tuesday, May 14th, 2013


The Samaritan opens on a cold November morning in New York City. Johnny Cercone, caporegime for the DiFilippo crime family, is assassinated by an extraordinarily talented sniper outside his Brooklyn townhouse. Underboss “Fat Paulie” Franco and other high ranking mafia members are subsequently murdered in spectacular fashion in and around the five boroughs of New York. The flamboyant Lawrence Luther Wright, the biggest distributor of cocaine in the northeast, is pulled into an underworld war when one of his manufacturing facilities is leveled.

It appears as though a deadly conflict among old-world Mafia, modern-day drug traffickers, and some of the nation’s most ruthless gangs has begun on the streets of New York. But why? Could these sensational attacks really be the result of a power struggle, or a tragic tale of love denied? The CIA believes that one of their own—Kevin “Hatch” Easter, whose wife was recently murdered in the Bronx—is behind the attacks. If this urban war escalates, and the DEA’s volatile secret was to ever go public, it could undermine their efforts to a precarious “means to an end” relationship in the northeast. And one rookie reporter, B.J. Butera, may have stumbled into the story of his life.

Hatch Easter, a gifted Agency field operative, holds the key. Knowing that he has become a hunted man by a number of dangerous organizations—including the Central Intelligence Agency, led by veteran Gray Taylor—Easter must leave his home on the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation, return to New York City to find the real killer, clear his name and expose a larger conspiracy that could potentially expose the United States government.

Does the CIA have a rogue field operative exacting revenge, or is there some unknown murderer, loose on the streets of New York, who has a unique agenda?

Posted Tuesday, May 14th, 2013