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“The kind of big, adrenaline-pumping high-stakes conspiracy thriller of the sort that Robert Ludlum used to write—THE SAMARITAN is terrific.”

Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of PARANOIA and VANISHED.

“As thought-provoking as it is entertaining, THE SAMARITAN will keep you turning pages well into the night.  A terrific read.”

James Grippando, New York Times bestselling author of MONEY TO BURN and AFRAID OF THE DARK.

“Grabs you on the first page and holds you in its relentless grip to its nail-biter of an ending.  Intense, politically savvy, and frighteningly real, here is a debut novel that both thrills and disturbs.”

James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of THE EYE OF GOD and BLOOD LINE.

“As intense as a killer’s finger resting on the trigger, Steve Besecker’s THE SAMARITAN rocks with non-stop action, believable scenarios, and deftly drawn characters that seem to jump off the page.”

Andrew Gross, New York Times bestselling author and co-author of six #1 thrillers with James Patterson.

“A well-plotted, muscular debut with wall-to-wall action, THE SAMARITAN is a thrill-ride into the dark world of vigilante violence. Native American Kevin “Hatch” Easter is a different kind of hero—highly-trained, deadly, and driven by a vengeance of his own.  I have no doubt we’ll be hearing from author Steve Besecker for years to come.”

Gregg Hurwitz, New York Times bestselling author of THEY’RE WATCHING and YOU’RE NEXT.

“A real treat to read.  Steve Besecker has written a great thriller; intelligent, twisty, a wonderful mix between character and action, just an all-around absorbing book you can’t put down.  Steve has a gift.”

Brian Haig, New York Times bestselling author THE CAPITOL GAME.

“THE SAMARITAN is a tautly plotted, exhaustively researched thrill ride that keeps the action coming and the pages turning.  Stephen Besecker has tracked down a great story in his thriller debut.”

Brad Park, Shamus and Nero Award-winning author of EYES OF THE INNOCENT.

“Stephen Besecker’s THE SAMARITAN is an enthralling, ambitious, multi-layered thriller that will keep you on edge until the very last act.  Don’t think you know the answer to the test!”

Andy Harp, author of A NORTHERN THUNDER.




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The kind of big, adrenaline-pumping high-stakes conspiracy thriller of the sort that Robert Ludlum used to write–The Samaritan is terrific. –Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of Vanished and High Crimes.

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One of the things I love about reviewing is that I get to come across some really great authors. Some of these authors I might not have picked up if it wasn’t for a little nudging from others. Stephen Besecker is a action/thriller writer and The Samaritan is the first book of his I have had the pleasure to read. It was a great fast-paced action/thriller that had me wanting to hurry up and find out who was The Samaritan!

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Kevin “Hatch” Easter is well acquainted with the feeling of being an outsider. As a child, he grew up as a half Seneca Indian in a mostly white society. When his parents were killed, he moved to the Cattaraugus Indian Reservation to be raised by his shaman grandfather. That feeling of being an outsider disappeared when he met and married Karen, and when he found a job he could believe in– being a tracker for the Central Intelligence Agency.

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The Samaritan will grab you by the first page and hold you in it’s grip until the final stunning conclusion. The reader will try and guess who “The Hunter” is through-out but you will be shocked when the killer is finally revealed. Stephen Besecker has written a taut, action-packed thriller that will keep you on the edge-of-your-seat. The characters are driven and diverse, the plot solid and the writing seamless. I really enjoyed it!

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This was an excellent read.  It’s an action packed story with plenty of adrenaline in it.  I really enjoyed it.  Why not pick up a copy and see if you can puzzle out who the killer is before the end.  I dare you!

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This is a terrific New York thriller that grips the audience from the moment the mob enters the tavern and never slows down as the corpses including collateral damage pile around the city.  Although at times the action seems implausible, the suspenseful story line is fast-paced with a nod to the movie Die Hard, but also contains strong twists.  Readers will appreciate this entertaining murderers’ row.

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This book reminded me of a mobster movie like Scarface. It had the grittyness, I don’t give a sh*t attitude, and the best part is…you won’t find much romance in this book. Mr. Stephen Besecker shows what he is made of and holds nothing back. This is surprising considering that The Samaritan is his first novel. The Samaritan will have you keeping your friends close and your enemies even closer!